Make your business recognizable.


Transaction descriptors describe a particular payment in order to help to identify that transaction on a bank statement. A good practice to help minimize the risk of chargeback and in turn, to save money! Provide your customers with your brand name and contact information to help them recognize their purchase, that’s all it takes to make descriptors work for your business.

Customize your store and connect to your customers

Static Descriptors

This type of descriptor is set for all online payments. Static descriptors come in handy for businesses that might sell products, like books or clothes, which have a name, collection, or title that might not necessarily actually mean anything to a customer. Whereas seeing the name of a store a customer has purchased from as a descriptor, makes it easy to identify the order.

Dynamic Descriptors

These type of descriptors describe a specific product or service and can vary from one merchant to another. If your e-store sells applications or software services, this type of descriptor can be a great way to let your customers know what they bought. Usually customers know the name of an application they purchased and they will therefore recognize that name on their bank statement.

Make your products recognizable with transaction descriptors