What kind of mobile payment solutions does PayLane offer?

PayLane clients can now take advantage of the first version of an Android application PayLane GO! This application enables the users to sell their product or service in any place. The only thing needed to make a transaction is a smartphone. Read how does PayLane GO! works.

For businesses that want to create or already have their own mobile application PayLane has created app libraries and an array of Android codes to help integrate payment methods and the payment process into the existing application. Customers will no longer need to leave an application in order to pay for their purchase.

For businesses that already have a website or store in a mobile version, PayLane has prepared a responsive payment form. This solution fits customer's device regardless of the resolution, with all the desired payment methods in place. The seller doesn't need to integrate special solutions for smartphones and tablet users. If a store owner wants to keep customers and bypass redirecting, PayLane is offering a way to integrate through API.

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How does PayLane mobile app work?

A PayLane client downloads the free PayLane GO! application from the Google Play store.

Once you log in, you can add products or services to sell in the products/services tab. This can be done at any time, prices can differ from those on your website (this comes in use when you want to offer a discount for purchasing directly from the app). Once the customer is ready, card data is filled in, the customer then accepts the purchase by putting in a CVV or CVC code and that's it! All these transactions can be controlled in PayLane's merchant panel where you can also send an invoice to your customer.

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Is Paylane GO! app available for iOS?

At this time PayLane GO! is available only for Android devices.

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Can I use PayLane GO! in across Europe?

Yes, the application is can be used all over the world.

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Is the app localized?

Yes, the application is localized. Currently the app is available in English and Polish.

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Do you have a mobile library and code samples?

Yes, we have a mobile library and code samples (for now only for Android devices). You can find these in PayLane's Developer Zone.

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