Tax, payroll, accounting, legal

Who will give me tax and legal advice?

We (as PayLane) don’t give any tax or legal advice. We are payment service provider and do whatever we can to be the best at it. However in PayLane Evolve! we partner with great companies that specialize in cases like that. These are trusted partners, who could take care of everything, so you won’t need to worry about anything.

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What will my tax and legal obligations be once I set up the business in Europe?

It all depends on the country and the type of business you choose. Our partners will advise you what to do and when. They may also help you in everything, if you only need their help.

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What about help if my business is already set up? Will you help me?

Sure. We (at PayLane) will do everything we can to help you with payments. Our partners will be able to help in everything that's related to taxes, payrolls, legal cases etc. Don’t worry, you won’t stay alone in that.

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I want to hire employees in my new company. Will you help me?

If you’re talking about payrolls, taxes, contracts with your employees etc, then yes. Our partners will be able to help you with that. Unfortunately we won’t be able to help in recruitment.

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How much does it (legal, accountant help) cost?

It all depends on your needs, how much work they require to cater to and the specific partner. It’s all case by case.

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