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Who are the PayLane Evolve! partners?

In PayLane Evolve! you may find lots of businesses whose mission is to help you in growing and doing global business. Let’s take a look at these companies:

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What does it mean that you will provide me with an access to some tools?

Some of our partners offer their products and services only to companies that are based in some specific countries or regions. We will do our best to negotiate with them, so that you can also use them.

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What about discounts?

Sure, there are lots of discounts here. Some of our partners offer special discounts for companies which are the part of PayLane Evolve! program. You may find discounts for marketing, sales, productivity or project management tools. Our network is still growing, so in a near future you will also find lots of new ones.

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Do I need to use PayLane to use these tools or discounts?

These discounts are available to all PayLane customers (to the merchants with a production PayLane account). But even if you cancel your PayLane account, you will still be able to use the discounts from PayLane Evolve!

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I want to join PayLane Evolve! network as a partner. How can I do this?

Great, we really appreciate that! Now we would love to hear more from you. Simply contact us at support@paylane.com and let’s talk.

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