Open a bank account

In which bank are you going to create a bank account?

It depends on your needs and country you choose to create a business. There are lots of countries (and banks) in Europe. Our partners will advise you which bank will suit your needs best and recommend where it would be best for you to open a bank account.

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What type of bank account will be opened?

In most cases typical business bank account would be enough. However, if you need anything more - our partners will help you open the bank account that would suit your needs.

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What fees will be charged for my bank account?

That depends on the bank and the type of bank account you have chosen. Costs may be higher if you choose to use more advanced bank account and lower if you choose the simplest business bank account.

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Will I have an access to my bank account?

Yes, of course. That will be your bank account. You (and only you) will have an access to this bank account.

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Can my funds be deposited to some other bank account?

Earnings from your PayLane account will be deposited at your business account provided on the stage of setting up of your PayLane account. As this is your bank account, you may later transfer money from this one to any other international bank account you want.

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