Secure payment systems

Online payment must be comfortable and safe. And that's what PayLane is. As a National Financial Institution PayLane complies with the highest standards of safety. We undergo regular scans that grant us PCI level 1 compliance.

We also take great effort to make sure our merchants are safe with us. Each transaction undergoes an antifraud analysis. AVS check, where the provided address information is compared with the customer billing information associated with the card, is available as well. PayLane also has the GeoIP mechanism in place to determine the card holder's location and get all possible information on the transaction and the buyer. All of these protect you against fraudulent transactions.

Finally, your customers are protected with PayLane as well. We can enable 3-D Secure authentication upon our merchants' wish - a safety feature where the customer is redirected to a bank website to enter a specific security code.

Go with the secure solution!