Paying with ease with PayLane.


The Secure Form is a way for your customers to pay with ease through our domain. All your business has to do is integrate your store with our secure form. Once your customers will be ready they will be redirected to the Secure form and when they’re done, back to you!

Easy integration for easy payments

What is Secure Form?

This is an easy to integrate system, you just have to send us your payment parameters! The form itself can be active in up to four different languages (English, Polish, German, and Spanish), all of the payment methods chosen by you are available, and the design is based on our default PayLane form or a customizable one. Another great feature is the Mobile Payment Form. If you are integrated with our Secure Form, your customers who are mobile users will automatically see a mobile version of the payment form.

How to integrate

All you need to do is send a request form with the needed transaction information (such as product name, prices, etc.), this can be done through POST. You also don’t have to be PCI compliant or have an SSL certificate.

Using our developer zone, your programmers can find all the tools and documents needed to integrate. To find out how this works check out our Developer Zone.

A customizable version of the payment form can be created through our API (Application Programming Interface) service.

Easy integration for easy payments