Online payments solution for subscription models.


Recurring payments come in handy if your business requires subscription fees for content of a news or information site, or if there is a membership fee. Not only that, subscription payments can help in completing simple payments like power and water bills. (Read more)

The best online solution for subscription models

Recurring payments for card and e-wallet

In this case, money is not with drawn from a bank account but rather from a card or an e-wallet (e.g. a PayPal account). This type of recurring payment is most popular in the world. Using a card to pay for subscription payments is possible only if customers fill in their card data in the shop itself, either by making a purchase or by registering on a website to start using their services. The frequency and method used to with- draw funds from an account is based solely on the web stores business model, what it means is that a card can be charged weekly, monthly, or annually. A card may also be charged only when a customer reaches a certain amount of money due.

Recurring payments for direct debit

Cash withdrawal from a customer's bank account is done in irregular time periods and with differentiating amounts of money. A good example of a direct debit can be an electricity bill, the amount owed can sometimes change from month to month. A direct debit is initiated by the party that is expecting a payment, that is why there may be a lack of consistency in dates and amounts of charges. This is a direct debit.

The best online solution for subscription models