PayLane offers more than just accepting online payments.

You gain 160 currencies and all kinds of payment methods to choose from including credit and debit cards, direct debits, wire transfers, and e-wallets.


Accept payments in all sorts of ways. Offer your customers more than just credit cards – let your customers choose a payment method that suits them. Do business anywhere, but make your customers feel at home.
This way more purchases will be actually followed through.

Additional features to boost your business

all over
the world

  • Increase your conversion and minimize currency exchange costs.
  • Offer customers their national currency, settle payments in those that are most convenient for you.
  • Choose from a list of international payment methods
  • Expand your business by letting your customers choose a payment method that suits them

Payments made fast and easy

Reduce the purchasing process. Make it easy to buy on your website with Card Data Storage.

Make paying easier!

  • Increase your income with automated recurring payments and subscriptions.
  • Charge periodically or when a certain amount is reached.


Accept card payments in your phone with the PayLane GO! application. Sell you products and services wherever you are - all you need is your phone.

Do you have your own app or are thinking about creating one? You can easily implement payments within it using our API and mobile library.

Do you have a mobile or responsive website? With PayLane you can make your payment process fully compatible with mobile devices. We offer:

  • a mobile payment form,
  • payments directly on your mobite site.

Professional and prepared

Provide clear transaction descriptors to minimize the risk of chargebacks.



An easy way to integrate online payments.

  • Create the most convenient type of payment on your website.
  • Use advanced and more powerful services.
  • Check out our Developer Zone for more great tips on integrating.

With quick and easy integration with our Secure Form you don't have to worry about certificates. Secure Form simply redirects your customers to the payment form we provide. Let us take care of the payment process.

Maximize your profits

Make your income grow with more successful transactions. APO reduces failed transactions by sending requests to your different accounts.

Mail Order / Telephone Order

MOTO is a great payment method that allows businesses that don't necessarily sell through a website, still allow purchases via telephone or email!

your account
with ease

Merchant Panel

  • Manage multiple accounts and payment methods in one panel.
  • Export your transactions for accounting purposes
  • Check out transaction statistics and perform transactions via the Virtual Terminal.
  • Manage API and Secure Form settings.


Our software generates an invoice for every transaction so you don't have to. Save both time and energy.

Plugins and

Download plugins and integrations from our Developer Zone. If you need any other plugins or extensions - tell us!

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