Payment processing effectiveness for businesses.


APO is a PayLane service designed with big international businesses in mind. To increase income growth and payment processing effectiveness APO works to prevent payment limits. Bank maintenance or failures will no longer affect your business!

Maximize your profits with APO

How does APO work?

APO groups various merchant accounts that belong to a business and sends money to one that will respond positively. How does this work?

PayLane's APO system detects a payment method, currency and checks the primary account to see if a transaction can be made. If a given account does not support that payment method or currency then the APO system will go to the next account that will support this transaction. If the transaction is still rejected (e.g. 403 Card Declined message pops up) the system will then find an account with the same parameters that will accept the transaction.

To make APO even more effective you can configure its setting and set the order in which APO will try to close a transaction:

By currency, payment method (e.g. Visa), and add a list of accounts to be processed first (therefore, you can also set the order in which account are checked).

Maximize your profits with APO