A solution for businesses who like to customize.


If you want to integrate with PayLane but still make your customers purchasing experience customizable to your liking – API is the way to go. A set of tools have been prepared for you to integrate with ease, using a programming language that suits you! Choose from PHP, Python, Ruby, or simply use any other language that you like. Read more in our Developer Zone.

Customize your store and connect to your customers

Integrating through API

This is a way to integrate with PayLane by still making your customers purchasing experience customizable by you.

A library of examples has been created by our team for you to learn how to integrate and create a payment form with ease using PHP, Python, Ruby, or any other programming language.

An interface that allows your website to connect to PayLane allowing you to accept payments on your website, while PayLane remains invisible to your customer.

You can build your own payment form, integrate it with one your website already has, or add certain aspects of our form to yours. From the forms style and design up to the way your page loads (for ex: AJAX)! You also have control over what pay- ment methods appear on your website, even reducing the whole purchasing pro- cess to a single click. You can implement not just numerous payment methods but also make recurring payments and refunds available.

Since your customer is no longer directed to our domain, your website must be PCI compliant and have a SSL certificate, but you are now in control of making a form that best suits your business. With your payment form you'll need to collect information from your customers in order to send a payment request for PayLane to process and send along.

You don't have to worry about the process of becoming PCI complaint, because PayLane will help you

Most of that information doesn't have to be collected every time (For ex: name, e-mail, and address can be retrieved from your database if you allow customers to create accounts on your site). Amount, currency, and description can also be generated or retrieved.

It's always good to display that information so that your customer knows what he is paying for.

Using our developer zone, your programmers can find all the tools and documents needed to integrate with REST API and you can begin customizing your payment form! To find out how this works check out our Developer Zone.

Customize your store and connect to your customers